I believe that if a critical mass of people utilize Gandhi’s technique of non-cooperation, we can prevent the system that has secreted all the economic and social problems we face from functioning. A large group of college graduates (and whoever else) are making a statement by traversing the country. That’s not to say this movement is inherently political. I really just needed a pretext for going on an adventure! Everyone is welcome to join me on this journey.

I want to gather as many people as I can at the Old Well in Chapel Hill on Cameron Street on June 1st, 2012 at 2PM. Then I want to begin a journey west to California. Why California?  It doesn’t matter! The destination is not important and is not currently set in stone.

Hey, it’s not like your job prospects look that great in this economy anyway! You’re young! Try being a bum! Who knows? You might like it more than working food-service!

If you have anything to say please email me at: dontparticipate@gmail.com


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