First Post: You need $500 to walk to California

What you need to begin a real life, practical, on foot, trek to California:

1. 20 lbs of rice

2. 10 lbs of black beans

3. Water purification tablets

4. Multivitamins

5. Protein powder

6. Tent

7. Sleeping bag

8. Fire

9. Pot, fork, knife, spoon, water storage bag can be found at local thrift store for dollars. Clothes, shoes, bags, etc can even be found in the garbage if you don’t have access to these things.

10. You will probably want to bring some toiletries, a small first aid kit, and toilet paper, although nothing is stopping us from getting all of this on the way.

Total cost of above items: <$250.00. That allows for $250 extra food money. I’m going to get all of these things for myself with the addition of either a solar charger or this for charging cell phones in case of emergencies. What is missing from this list of items? You got food, water, shelter, warmth, even internet access through your phone. If you can think of anything else, please post a comment or email me.


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