The Path

There’s obviously more than one way to get to where we’re going. Googlemaps says this is the shortest path. I’m more interested in just following the setting sun on foot as far as we can each day. We’ll of course have a map and googlemaps directions with us, just in case. Remember, it will be harder for us (more pigs) to set up camp in cities so I would like to stick to nature most of the time, but it’s possible we could say we’re doing one-day occupy protests in city parks or something. I’m not too worried about the specific path because wherever we go, it’s going to be enjoyable.


Why go to California?

1. You have nothing better to do and what the hell, it’s 2012!

2. You want to explore the world and love cheap journeys.

3. You can’t get a job with your degree, and you like camping in summer so why not?

4. You don’t want to directly fund  (through paying income tax) operations that you believe are criminal.

5. You don’t want to be part of a system that is destroying itself.

6. It will take approximately a summer to get there.

The distance between Chapel Hill, NC and Long Beach, CA is 2,529 miles. Walking at the conservative rate of 1 mile every 30 minutes and walking for 12 hours a day, it is possible to arrive in Long Beach, CA in 106 days. This isn’t that crazy of an idea.  It should take a little over 3 months to get there. Why not go on a journey like this? My only reason was because I don’t want to be alone, but if others come with me than that’s not a problem. California (and in fact Colorado as well) is known for treating it’s homeless well. You can even make plans to fly back if that’s your plan.

7. The Pacific Ocean!

Of course the final destination will be up for discussion. Make your voice heard by posting something right here right now!

First Post: You need $500 to walk to California

What you need to begin a real life, practical, on foot, trek to California:

1. 20 lbs of rice

2. 10 lbs of black beans

3. Water purification tablets

4. Multivitamins

5. Protein powder

6. Tent

7. Sleeping bag

8. Fire

9. Pot, fork, knife, spoon, water storage bag can be found at local thrift store for dollars. Clothes, shoes, bags, etc can even be found in the garbage if you don’t have access to these things.

10. You will probably want to bring some toiletries, a small first aid kit, and toilet paper, although nothing is stopping us from getting all of this on the way.

Total cost of above items: <$250.00. That allows for $250 extra food money. I’m going to get all of these things for myself with the addition of either a solar charger or this for charging cell phones in case of emergencies. What is missing from this list of items? You got food, water, shelter, warmth, even internet access through your phone. If you can think of anything else, please post a comment or email me.